How to Create the Perfect Labor & Delivery Nurses’ Baskets

There’s something about going above and beyond for others and making them feel seen and appreciated that is so live giving, right?  I remember specific moments of kindness and sweet gestures made that have resonated with me for a LONG time, and thanks to that example being set for me by my sweet mama from the time I was young, I’m always looking for ways to make others feel the same.

I knew from the moment I saw the concept of a “nurses’ basket” that I wanted to make that part of my birthing experience.  The day our sweet babies are born are the most exciting and pivotal moments of our lives, and sweet nurses serve us so well to make sure that happens. 

I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to include in our baskets, having several friends and family members in the healthcare field, but I definitely polled all of you sweet friends over on Instagram and Facebook!

I created 2 baskets to bring, one for the shift that will be on when we arrive at the hospital and another for the shift after that.  We’re *hopefully* planning on only a 24 hour stay, so this way both shifts get something sweet while we’re there.

Here’s what we ultimately included in our baskets:

  • Starbucks Frappucino and Starbucks Espresso Lattes coffee drinks was the number 1 request from nurses over on my social media…and I can’t blame them!  I included 4 of each in both baskets.
  • gum highly requested
  • Kind protein bars some kind of grab-and-go protein bar that’s a little more filling for shifts where stopping to eat isn’t always possible
  • Pirate Booty I wanted to include some kind of salty snack, so you can include anything…but this is a personal fave and also, the packaging is blue and went with the boy theme !
  • Jolly Ranchers candy was a HUGE request from my friends/nurses online, so, you got it, friends!
  • Ghiradelli Chocolate Squares because…well, chocolate.
  • hair ties another big request to have on hand

I got so many other awesome suggestions of what to include!  Here are some other highly requested items that were suggested:

  • good quality pens
  • hand lotion
  • highlighters
  • chapstick
  • mints
  • essential oils (either in rollers, vials, mask sprays, etc.)
  • Gatorade or some kind of water mix-in (Crystal Lite, Mio, etc.)
  • face masks or face wipes (to bring home and combat breakouts due to medical masks for long periods of time)

I could not be more excited to gift these to the staff during our birth.  To all of the healthcare workers that care for us and love us well, you are seen, appreciated, and celebrated!

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