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Sweet friends, there is nothing that I love more than sharing life with you all here in these online spaces, and today is no exception.  In fact, this might be one of the most important blog posts I share with you.

I know that there are a million accounts, blogs, and people you can follow online, and it means SO much to me that you’re here.  Whether you’ve been around for a while and have seen me pivot over the years or you’re brand new, I wanted to establish a space that explains my WHY: why I post what I do, write what I write, and keep showing up every day.  Like my Instagram bio says, I’m just a modern girl sharing life with a wellness twist.  So here, my friends, is my WHY behind this blog.

I absolutely LOVE all things lifestyle.  Home decor, a cute outfit, motherhood, a good makeup tip…and you can chalk it all up to my mama.  I was raised by the absolute most creative person I know.  She oozed hospitality, creativity, and cuteness.  She had a way of making our home look incredibly welcoming, never seemed to wear the same thing twice, and would beg me to swipe on just a little blush and lip gloss (I refused any kind of makeup until college!) from her stocked makeup collection.  But even more important than anything else, her heart for others and to serve them ruled it all.  

As I got older I found SUCH joy in creating welcome spaces, going the extra mile for little details, expressing myself with my closet, and YES, loving all things foundation, eyeliner, and the rest 🙂  But something else also starting pulling on my heart strings…

In college I found a love of fitness and shortly after graduation landed a job as a personal trainer.  I continued working in fitness centers, gyms, and privately training for 10 years and living, what I thought, was the epitome of a healthy and wellness lifestyle.  It wasn’t until after my oldest son was born in 2012 that I began to investigate not just the foods we ate and how we moved our bodies, but what we put ON and IN our bodies that really matters.  I began to research every little thing that would go on my sweet baby’s skin, on his body, or things I would bring into our home.  I was STUNNED at the toxins in our personal care products, foods, and home items!  Before you knew it, I was down the rabbit hole of research (which I love doing, by the way), and I slowly began looking harder at everything we were buying and using.

As the years went by and people began sharing more and more on social media, I would find myself following accounts that spoke to my creative/lifestyle side for inspiration all while following lots of other accounts for wellness tips and information.  Slowly, I began to notice that these accounts looked starkly different from each other.  It began to look like you, as the follower, had to pick a side; you could have a healthy/wellness lifestyle or you could enjoy the latest makeup/fashion/home tips, but you couldn’t have both.  So much of what was shared online made it seem that wellness lifestyle was all about going WITHOUT and giving up so much of what the modern world had to offer…a hippy, crunchy lifestyle, if you will.  Yet, the lifestyle “influencer” space seemed to say that the “must have” personal care products and trends (that were usually full of toxins) were the way to go.  

But I knew, you could absolutely have BOTH.  From the research I had done for my own home and family, I knew that you didn’t have to sacrifice your health for beauty/lifestyle OR beauty/lifestyle for your health.  And so, my Naturally Modern Blog was born.  Just a modern girl who loves all things cute and trendy just as much as she loves creating a healthy and natural life for myself and my family.

I realize that there is SO much information out there about what’s good for you, not good for you, ok to use, not ok to use, healthy, unhealthy…gosh, where do you start?!  And how do you even start moving towards a healthier home and life without moving into the woods, makeup-free, wearing only clothes made out of bamboo and eating leaves (extreme, ha, but it can seem that way!).  That’s where I want to serve YOU, my friend.

I absolutely love the deep dive into investigating products, ingredient lists, and the latest research and bringing it back to you in an easy-to-understand format.  I also love showing that a modern, fun, and cute lifestyle isn’t mutually exclusive of the former.  You too can create a healthier and more wellness base lifestyle for your family…without being weird 😉

So friend, welcome to the journey.  This little space here, with all of you, is my happy place.  Thank you for coming along and giving me the joy of sharing this naturally modern life with you.  I can’t wait to serve you along the way!



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