Rosewater: a green beauty secret

I have been so very excited to share this incredible little bottle with you all for a while now, and I’m ready to shout it’s magic from the rooftops!  You know my passion is all things wellness, but truth be told, I was worried when I first started my journey that I’d have to give up products that actually worked.  Makeup, skin care, beauty, hair care…I wasn’t so sure that anything natural could hold a candle to my Sephora and Ulta purchases.

Let’s be honest…considering a non-toxic lifestyle sometimes leaves us feeling like we’ll turn into weirdos, being forced to use things like clay and sticks and nothing resembling the self-care items we’re used to.  Thankfully, that couldn’t be FURTHER from the truth! One thing I’m passionate about is showing you how I, a true blue all-things-beauty girl, took the toxin free plunge in all of my products and have NEVER been happier.  I swear going natural led me to products that leave my old ones in the dust.

Today I’m focusing on one of the best kept green beauty secrets…rosewater.  This little powerhouse does it all, and I mean it ALL.  Skincare, haircare, emotional and physical support just to name a few.  Let’s break it down quickly.

Rosewater is one of the main ingredients in my DIY toner, which I’ll be sharing the recipe for soon.  When applied to the skin, rosewater has been known to:

  • greatly reduce redness
  • tightens pores
  • moisturizes
  • soothe fine lines and wrinkles
  • brings the skin’s pH balance back to normal
  • balances emotions and known to have an effect on negative emotions

I also use rosewater along with essential oils in my DIY Mermaid Spray, the one I use for hair growth, postpartum hair repair, and frizz control.  I’ll be sharing that recipe soon. When used on the hair, rosewater acts as a natural heat protectant while styling as well as balancing the pH of your strands and adding TONS of shine (I can attest to all of this myself and then some).

When using any natural product, it’s so important to pay attention to ingredients and quality.  You want to be sure the rosewater you use is free of fragrances and has nothing in it except simple rosewater itself.  Be sure that it’s organic. I searched high and low for the best one I could find and the one below is one I swear by! It comes in at under $15 and there’s a 30% off coupon on every bottle you purchase.  I’ve linked it for you to grab and have on hand…this way when I share all of my amazing DIY self care recipes you can create along with me!

Happy spritzing, friends…love you so!

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