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It’s here!  Today is the DAY!  I cannot believe I’m even typing these words and meeting you here in this little space of mine on the internet.  Oh friend, welcome to the Naturally Modern blog!

This day is a dream come true, and I’d be lying if I said I’m not writing these words through a bit of grateful, happy tears.  It has been for months that I’ve contemplated, planned, strategized, and worked on making this space come to life. And so often I’ve stopped and thought it wasn’t good enough, it needed more.  But what kept me going is that it was just that…it is needed. And I finally realized that done is better than perfect and showing up before I felt ready was just the way I want to live my life…by putting myself out there to serve you all even when I’m not sure it’s good enough.  Because friend, we all know those thoughts are lies and we are here for a purpose and a dream. And so it begins.

I want you to know from the very first day how this space came to be.  I am a creative, a boy mama to sweet seven year old, and a former long-time single mom turned newlywed chiropractor wife.  I am a complete wellness warrior and an advocate for my family’s healthy lifestyle journey. I’m also a girly girl who loves me some home decor, a great sale, a killer winged eyeliner, and a cute outfit.  And friend, those things don’t have to exist without the other. See, I’m a naturally modern girl who knows both lifestyles are not only possible, they’re freeing, exciting, empowering…and a heck of a lot of fun, too!

For so long I thought a natural lifestyle meant giving up a fun and cute one, too.  Oh, how very wrong I was. And so, the Naturally Modern blog was born. Friend, I want to journey and enjoy and share everything about this life with you, from the fun, cute, creative, and inspiring.  And because I’m so passionate about natural and healthy living, and thrive on sorting through the research and chaos of info in our world today, I’m sharing that all here, too. Because I want to SERVE you, to offer what I know, share all of my tips and tricks, and have a whole lot of FUN.

So sweet one, welcome to Naturally Modern.  I’m completely enthralled that you are here. Let’s get ready for a wild ride.  I love you so xoxo

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