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Sweet friends, I hope this post makes you feel like you’re being wrapped in a giant hug. It’s been a weird few weeks for all of us, that’s for sure. But one thing I feel totally convicted about is to continue using this space for encouragement, support, fun, and a place of light. So that, loved one, is what we’re going to do!

Some of us are adjusting to having out kids home with schools closed for extended periods of time or indefinitely. And while giving our kids time to explore and creative is WONDERFUL and necessary, sometimes we (and them) need and crave structure. I feel so burdened to use my 15 years experience as a classroom teacher to share some of my top online resources with you all to utilize during this time with your kiddos! I know not all of us have the luxury of staying home with them, but if you are working from home or have a trusted caregiver with them, these resources are educational, fun, and most of all, value-giving…not just mindless technology time!

I hope you find this list so incredibly helpful and gives you and your kiddos an awesome sense of accomplishment and productivity over the coming weeks 🙂

Free online education sites for kids

Scholastic Learn at Home: This website is AMAZING and one my son is currently working through right now. Born out of the school closures the past few weeks, this top education magazine is crafting 20 days worth of online reading, videos, activities, and games. There are levels for every age group and grade. Broken down by days, each lesson provides both fiction and nonfiction books online, educational videos, online fields trips, and activity lessons for kids to complete. Such a thorough and incredible resource. It is currently being updated as the weeks go on, so check back often!

Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr.: These incredible video learning sites are normally available to schools only but have generously made them available for free at home during school closures! BrainPop Jr. is for younger grades 3rd and under while BrainPop serves the older elementary and middle school ages. Organized by category, these entertaining and very well made videos teach on every topic imaginable, all while finishing with fun online games, quizzes, and extension activities.

National Geographic for Kids: This site is as cool as it sounds! Kids can explore the world around them at the touch of a button. Full of articles, videos, and so much more, the sky is the limit.

ABC Ya!: I’m not sure what it is about this site, but it universally causes giant “Hoorays!” every time I let my students take some time on this site 🙂 Organized by grade level, these crafted online games have students practicing everything from reading to math and everything in between. Definitely a winner!

GoNoodle!: Do your kids need to get the wiggles out? Need to give them a brain break? This site is wildly popular in the education world! With several “channels” to choose from, kids move and groove to silly songs, mini workouts, and have a blast all while doing it.

Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube: This has been a LONG time favorite of mine, both as a mom and an educator. This site is absolutely incredible in terms of a free resource! Get kids moving and active with online stories set to real yoga workouts that are safe and effective for kids. Both boys and girls absolutely love the themes, including super heroes, Trolls, magic, animals, you name it, this site’s got it!

Typing Club: I can’t tell you what an important skill this is as students go through elementary school. So much of their classroom learning involves technology, including testing. Having solid typing skills is so important! This site makes it fun and gives very thorough levels to ensure kids acquire this skill young.

XtraMath: This online math account starts students off with basic addition and subtraction facts and moves them all the way up to multiplication and division based on their skill. It requires an account, but is free and effective.

Math Playground: Exactly what it sounds like 🙂

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