All About Blue Light Glasses

These days, so many of us are working from home or have increased screen time for one reason or another! And as we all know, that can wreak havoc on our eyes, leading to so many other issues!

Blue light glasses today not only seem trendy, but are vital for eye health! But did you also know that NOT all blue glasses are created equal? There are specific levels of blockers and tint that your glasses need to have to truly protect your eyes, and I’m breaking it down below!

To start, the huge benefits of blue light glasses include:
-reduced eye strain and eye fatigue
-reduced headaches
-UV protection
-improved and healthier sleep patterns
-reduced risk of retina damage, macular degeneration, and vision loss

So, what type of blockers are best and actually work?!

clear lens blue-blockers: these blockers are the ones most commonly advertised and seen on the market. These lenses block anywhere from 5-40% of blue spectrum 400-495 nm. That’s the highest percentage you can get with clear before the lens will be yellow. These lenses are best for lighter screen time users who haven’t noticed much strain or other interferences due to their screen time but still want to protect their eyes!

yellow lens blue-blockers: these blockers typically block 40-75% of the blue spectrum 400-495 nm. If you are someone who typically works at a screen for longer periods of time or under fluorescent light (or both!) you’ll want to move towards a lens with a yellow tint. These are best for users who have noticed eye strain and headaches and are looking for blockers to help with these symptoms.

There are also red and orange blue-blockers that you can research, but these are typically not recommended.

There is such a wide variety of blockers you can search now knowing the proper criteria! To help get you started, the pair below is available for under $20, comes in many different styles, and appears clear but has a slight yellow tint blocking UV 400.

Who else will be grabbing themselves a pair of blockers?!

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