How to effectively Sanitize your cell phone

Did you know that your cell phone has 18x more bacteria than a public restroom?!  And then, according to emerging studies, we touch our phones over 2,000 times a day?!    

Our dirty little devices single handedly wreak havoc on our health.  While not all bacteria is bad, the germs we DON’T want wind up on our phones, then our hands, then onto our faces, loved ones, and surfaces in our homes.  All I have to say is YUCK!

I absolutely LOVE finding and testing gadgets and items to kick up our wellness game and pass those findings onto you, friend. With that said, this amazing little gadget was TOP of my Christmas list this year…meet, the PhoneSoap!  This case uses UV-C light to kills 99.99% of bacteria on your phone, reaching crevices and spaces on your phone that wipes and cleaners don’t.  Simply plug it in, put your cell phone inside for 10 minutes until the light turns off, and done!  A totally clean phone.

We’ve absolutely been loving how convenient it is to use and so much better knowing we’re keeping one of our most used items free of harmful bacteria. Click on any of the pictures below to shop PhoneSoap for yourself. Happy sanitizing!

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