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Woot woot…party time!  I’m so excited to kick off this “Switch & Ditch” post series, as it’s one of the most common questions in my inbox.  So many of us know there are toxins in tons of our products but want to know what in the world is safe to switch to.  I got you covered, friends!  Each week I’ll be sure to put these posts up on the blog with easy, shoppable links to grab any of the safe products I recommend!

First up: LOTION.  Winter and early spring is super harsh on our skin, and I struggle with the craziest, scaly skin.  Looking for a quality lotion is something we all want, but are one of the WORST offenders when it comes to toxins.  Here are some of the toxic ingredients to look out for when choosing a lotion:

X parabens: these preservatives are used to prevent mold and bacteria in products, however they have estrogen mimicking properties.  Because of this, they are linked to an increased risk of breast cancer.  Did you know that in a study shared by the Journal of Toxicology, 99% of breast cancer tissue tested positive for parabens and 60% included five different parabens present.  Parabens have also been found to slow the production of sperm and lower testosterone levels in men.

X phenoxyethanol: this ingredient is SO wildly common in “natural” and “clean” brands in an attempt to replace parabens.  However, it is a neurotoxin, damaging to DNA, and especially toxic to babies, even in concentrations as low as 1%.

X fragrance: this single word can be a cover for over 2,000 toxic ingredients that are not required to be disclosed on a label.  It’s considered the beauty industry’s “dirty little secret.”  Additionally, synthetic fragrances are incredibly damaging to reproductive organs and disrupt hormones.

X PEGs (polyethylene glycol): made through the process of ethoxylation, 1,4-dioxane is created and remains behind in the product and has been classified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a likely carcinogen to humans.

Luckily there are many brands that make quality lotions and body butters readily available!  Some of them include:

Primally Pure: use code NATURALLYSARAH10 for 10% of your order on any products!

Skin Foodie (found on Etsy)

Andalou Naturals

Dr. Bronner’s

Avalon Organics

Carina Organics

My hope is that these types of posts help to inform, empower, and allow you to make small changes, little by little when switching to a more toxin-free home! Don’t get overwhelmed and feel like everything needs to be switched out right away. Focus on one or two items a week, or when you run out of what you’re currently using, make the switch then!

Happy switching! 🙂

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