Ingredient Education

Reading labels CAN feel like such a doozy…knowing which ingredients should be avoided, why, what’s clean, what’s not…whew! Talk about exhausting! But friend, it doesn’t have to be! My hope is to provide these helpful resources that you can refer back to again and again to help YOU feel like a more empowered label reader. This is not to instill panic or make buying products more stressful, rather, help us all be able to more easily spot red flags and ingredients that we absolutely will take a “hard pass” on.

This list will be updated frequently as we learn about each ingredient over on Instagram and here on the blog. Check back often as this list (and your awesome knowledge) grows!!


Phenoxyethanol is a common preservative, specifically a bactericide. It was meant to replace parabens and is commonly found in “clean” personal care products. It has quickly become one of the most controversial ingredients in the clean personal care world. In order to produce phenoxyethanol, the chemical byproduct (1,4 dioxane) is produced in the process, which the EPA has established as a human carcinogen.

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