How to Create the Perfect Labor & Delivery Nurses’ Baskets

There’s something about going above and beyond for others and making them feel seen and appreciated that is so live giving, right?  I remember specific moments of kindness and sweet gestures made that have resonated with me for a LONG time, and thanks to that example being set for me by my sweet mama from…

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Toxin-free nail polish

I’m so excited to share with you today one of my MOST requested posts…toxin-free nail polish! I would religiously get gel manicures done every two weeks for years and years, but it’s no secret that our favorite nail colors contain some of the most toxic ingredients around. Put them on your porous nail beds and,…

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All About Blue Light Glasses

These days, so many of us are working from home or have increased screen time for one reason or another! And as we all know, that can wreak havoc on our eyes, leading to so many other issues! Blue light glasses today not only seem trendy, but are vital for eye health! But did you…

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